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This week I have been dealing with some web site issues and all the logistical complexities of being 14,000+ miles from the servers, failing hard drives, slow-to-no internet, intermittent electricity, and all the other joys, discoveries, challenges, and rewards of life on the road.

In the various communications with all involved in getting these issues resolved I found that people seemed to be praying a lot. “I pray this works.” or “Lets pray that was it.”, “Pray we don’t have to replace the....”

It was intriguing to see how many people seemed to be clasping their hands in hope that a resolution was... well, close at hand.

When every one was talking in code of code, bits and bytes, stylesheets, Java, and RAM cache cookies, I found my mind wandering to the imagery of...

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I hope all your technology gods or goddess are happy with the way you pray to them.

I look forward to seeing you out there.

Julian Ray

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