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Recently I was running down the street, trying to get into an alley as the soldiers were arriving to break up a group of protesters. I was not in that group but people with cameras, especially people who look like media are frequently targeted, I thought it best to make myself scarce. So as I’m running down the street my eye did what it always does and got me to stop and craft an image. As is the case for all the images in this post, what you see here are not necessarily thematically linked but just moments where my eye led the way.

It has been a while since my last blog post and many of you have asked if I am ok or “what is going on?”. The reason for my absence here has only been because I have crazy busy with my ‘day job’ as a commercial photographer. Of course the global pandemic has changed certain dynamics for most. In the world of visual communications the need for meaningful impactive images has become even more important than ever.

Also the recent coup here in Myanmar has radically changed life on a fundamental level for everyone. This change has upended what and how people, brands, and companies communicate.

This post is a brief look at what my eye has been unto in the last few months. I hope you enjoy and please comment, like and share.

I found this mask on top of a wall as I was returning home from shopping at my local marked. It was just sitting there, nothing else around. The story of why or who put it there was intriguing.

Covering an event for a client had me doing the usual necessary images but as is my way I always try to find ways to tell the stories in unique and personal ways. This guy was putting paint onto a canvas and was so engrossed that he did not notice me on the other side watching him. I love the utter concentration.

It has been so fun to get back into working with film and medium format. There is something about the architecture here that just begs for black and white film. Thanks to Ilford for their support.

One thing about masks is that it totally forces one to look into people's eyes. This brings an element of challenge and reward to photography. Here I love the way her eyes and her eyebrows have the same curve and intensity.

During a break in another event I worked last year I was wandering around and these lines and shadow grabbed me.

From time to time I cover events for the INGO Days For Girls, An organization that works to provide menstrual education and products in developing countries. This intense face was one of the girls at this event and her eyes totally had me.

While documenting some design details for an architectural client of mine I had some time to explore the roof of the building I was working on. In a small corner I found these wiring components that seemed perfect for a line study.

The stress of doing his job while dealing with all the precautions of the pandemic are reflected in his eyes.

A flower blossom storm on a corrugated tin roof.

The colours grabbed my eye just as firmly as she was holder her farther's hand.

Some water and a Pagoda. Always fun to see what gems are lurking in a temple.

Three masks cannot hide the smile on this ER nurses face.

You just cannot make stuff like this up! A wall in a Hindu temple.

Brothers, both figuratively and actually.

Mid morning light at the train station. More black and white medium format explorations around Yangon. Thanks to Ilford for their support.

His calm and intense gaze grabbed me.

On another architectural project I was exploring ways to ad interest to an ordinary water feature is such a way that it made people want to know more.

My team after a long intense day of crafting food images for a restaurant chain client of mine.

I was totally seduced by the textures of the back side of this building downton. Thanks to Ilford for all their support.

I hope you enjoyed some of these images. If you did please comment, like and share.

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