Recently I was in a meeting with a new client discussing the scope of the project. The first of many conversations in a long pre-production phase. In the discussion we were going over some concepts and trying to firm up the feel for the project.

It happens that this project had nothing to do with food but the words they used made me think of a feel so rather than talk anymore I grabbed some images I had shot down the street at my local fruit vendor and put together some mood boards to try and help the client visually articulate their vision.

A few weeks later, the project done and the customer elated over the final product, I used some of the images from some of those mood boards to illustrate the concept of seeing to a class I was teaching. The class was about learning to see not just looking.

Here are a few of the images I used for the mood board and the class.

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"Intellectual property has the shelf life of a banana. "
—Bill Gates

"People... need a time to laugh. It's up to us to bonk ourselves on the head and slip on a banana peel so the average guy can say, 'I may be bad, honey, but I'm not as much of an idiot as that guy on the screen.' "
—Chris Farley


– 4 large bananas- medium ripe.
– 200 gr coconut meat
– Sugar
– Salt
– 3 teaspoon chopped spring onion ( the green part)
– Cooking oil
– 1 tablespoon tapioca flour.
– Banana : peel the skin off, smash into flat.
– Coconut meat : mix with 1 cup of warm water and squeese to get the coconut milk.
– Tapicoca flour : mix with water until dissolve.
1. Grill the banana over medium heat by charcoal  until golden brown 2. Heat the oil until boil, add into the spring onion. 3. Heat the pan, add coconut milk, season with sugar and salt to taste until it boils, add tapicoca water in and keep stiring to thicken the mixture. 4. Place banana on the plate, add coconut milk on the top, sprinkle spring onion or fried peanuts.

"Time flies like an arrow - fruit flies like a banana."
—Anthony Oettinger

Time Flies Like an Arrow
An Ode to Oettinger
Now, thin fruit flies like thunderstorms
And thin farm boys like farm girls narrow;
And tax firm men like fat tax forms -
But time flies like an arrow.
When tax forms tax all firm men’s souls,
While farm girls slim their boyfriends’ flanks;
That’s when the murd’rous thunder rolls -
And thins the fruit flies ranks.
Like tossed bananas in the skies,
The thin fruit flies like common yarrow;
Then's the time to time the time flies -
Like the time flies like an arrow.
—Edison B. Schroeder 1966

"Life is full of banana skins. You slip, you carry on."
—Daphne Guinness

"Bananas are great, as I believe them to be the only known cure for existential dread. Also, Mother Teresa said that in India, a woman dying in the street will share her banana with anyone who needs it, whereas in America, people amass and hoard as many bananas as they can to sell for an exorbitant profit. So half of them go bad, anyway."
—Anne Lamott

"When you slip on a banana peel, people laugh at you; but when you tell people you slipped on a banana peel, it's your laugh. So you become the hero rather than the victim of the joke."
—Nora Ephron

"His venture sounds like a banana peel awaiting its victim."
—Charlotte Curtis

"I'm positive and I smile a lot, and I'm kind of a banana, but serious work just seems to find me, so I'm not going to argue with it."
—Mireille Enos

"You have to give people permission to laugh. That's why they would always cut to the banana peel in the Laurel and Hardy movies."
—Danny DeVito

"Never interrupt me when I'm eating a banana."
—Ryan Stiles

"Indeed it is possible to stand with one foot on the inevitable 'banana peel' of life with both eyes peering into the Great Beyond, and still be happy, comfortable, and serene - if we will even so much as smile."
—Douglas Fairbanks

"The fine line between roaring with laughter and crying because it's a disaster is a very, very fine line. You see a chap slip on a banana skin in the street and you roar with laughter when he falls slap on his backside. If in doing so you suddenly see he's broken a leg, you very quickly stop laughing and it's not a joke anymore."
—Roald Dahl

"You don't want your credibility banana to turn brown, but you do want to speak out about what you believe in."
—Bradley Whitford



I look forward to seeing you out there.

Thank you,

Julian Ray

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